Curriculum Vitae: Urša Mars Bitenc

Assist. Urša Mars Bitenc, psychologist, young researcher

Urša joined the SCSR team while she was a student and started working full time at UP IAM after graduation. She is a young researcher under the mentorship of Prof. Diego De Leo and a doctoral student at the Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana.


Current work

She is working on suicide prevention programmes (implementation of Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy – MBCT, workshops for adolescents, informing different target groups about the topic of suicidal behaviour and suicide itself). She is one of the authors of Do you understand (yourself)?!? (Slovenian: A (se) štekaš?!?) project, which was implemented in Slovenian high schools and primary schools. She is interested in protective factors and risk factors for suicide and she is researching these factors using the psychological autopsies method in her doctoral thesis. She is actively involved in the organization of the Triple i conference, which is annually organized by the SCSR. At UP FAMNIT she lectures in the undergraduate study of Biopsychology. She is improving her knowledge at different local and international courses, conferences and congresses. She finished the first stage of the behavioural cognitive therapy (Practicum I).


In 2015 the Slovenian Psychological Association rewarded her for her contribution at the event Day of psychologists.

Other experiences and interests

At the Slovenian Psychological Association she was the vice-president for organisational affairs. She prepared and organized different professional meetings and educations. Urša collaborates with the Simply Friends Institute, where she prepared creative and verbal workshops with children, youngsters and adults. She is enthusiastic about different forms of art: in her spare time she loves to express her creative side with drawing, painting and handwork; she is a movie enthusiast, which is why she visits a film festival each year; she also enjoys music (her interests were also part of her undergraduate diploma thesis: Preferences for music and the use of music in the relation to stimulus searching and personality dimensions).