Loss of a loved one due to sudden death

Conversations and interventions of our centre

Together with other organizations our centre is carrying out interviews and interventions for the loss of a loved one due to sudden death. If you have experienced such a loss, we express our heartfelt condolences. We are aware that accepting the loss of someone after a sudden death is very hard.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a person to talk to in such situations even though people often want to talk about it. These conversations actually create the possibility for relief. We cooperate with the Slovenian police and civil services where the bereaved are informed about the possibilities for conversation. For more information please contact us.

ob izgubi

As a participant, we will provide you with support in times of great loss which can be helpful in difficult moments. You will be provided with information about the characteristics and process of bereavement, as well as contacts where you can turn for more help if you need it. Participants will also be offered other forms of professional support.

In confidential interviews the bereaved speak only as much as they wish and are able to say.

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