Reviews of Alive?Alive! (Živ?Živ!)

Alive?Alive! (Živ?Živ!) is supported by individuals and organizations.

Ozara Slovenia

Alive?Alive! (Živ?Živ!) is a web page, that is simply needed in the Slovenian public sphere. [More (in Slovenian)]


mag. Bogdan Dobnik, dipl. soc. del.
President and head of professional activities

Boštjan Repnik, univ. dipl. prav.,
Secretary-General and legal representative

Ozara Slovenia 
National association for quality of life


National Institute of Public Health

The web page brings a certain freshness into Slovenian public sphere in the field of suicide prevention with its information and also with its design. [More (in Slovenian)]

IVZ_90let_lowresdoc. dr. Saška Roškar

National Institute of Public Health
National representative at International Association for Suicide Prevention

Slovene association for suicide prevention

We recommend the web page to all Internet users; to younger and older people, to those who don’t have problems at the moment, but might know how to act if they will face them in the future, and to all those, who are already facing problems and life crises. [More (in Slovenian)]

SASPAnamarija Zavasnik

Slovene association for suicide prevention (SASP)



National Institute of Public Health – Unit Celje

Although the web page  is addressing distress, diseases and suicide, its visual image reflects positive energy and invites the visitors towards life. The content about the ways and sources of help are bringing hope to people in distress, they are helping them to realize that solutions are possible. [More (in Slovenian)]

ZZV CeljeNuša Konec Juričič,  dr. med. spec. socialne medicine

Head of the Department of Social Medicine and Health Promotion
Head of the regional group for suicide prevention
National Institute of Public Health – Unit Celje

Slovenian Psychologists’ Association

Members of the Expert Council have unanimously supported the website. [More (in Slovenian)]

DPS maliDr. Ana Arzenšek
President of the Expert Council

Dr. Marko Polič
Vice-president of the Expert Council

Slovenian Psychologists’ Association .

Slovene Police

Considering the very high suicide rates in Slovenia, Slovene Police is strongly supporting all activities, aimed to lower this sad statistics. [More (in Slovenian)]

policija logotipStanislav Veniger

Main Police Adviser 
Slovene Police


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