Triple i 2015 – Ivanka Živčić Bećirević

Lecturer at the conference

Triple i – intuition, imagination and innovation, is an international annual conference organised by the UP IAM Slovene Centre for Suicide Research. Distinguished experts in the field of suicidology are invited to the conference to speak about research, interventions and postvention after suicide. Relaxed environment and concurrent topics create a platform for the participants to connect, which is a starting point for progress in the field.

One of the speakers at the Triple i 2015 was Prof. Ivanka Živčić-Bećirević.



Prof. Ivanka Živčić-Bećirević (professor at University of Rijeka, Croatia) is leading a student counselling centre, where she treats suicidal clients among others. She also supervises younger therapists who work with suicidal clients, and educates students and future therapists in cognitive-behavioural (CBT) model for understanding suicidal behaviour. She is mostly motivated to continue educating young therapists in dealing with suicidal clients, as she notices that many of them feel great fear and avoid working with them. She will have a workshop on the cognitive model of suicidal thinking and behaviour, with an emphasis on hopelessness. The cognitive conceptualization of suicidal clients will be illustrated with case examples and some recommendations of cognitive and behavioural techniques in suicide prevention will be offered.

Prof. Živčić-Bećirević’s message to young researchers, professionals, students:

I would recommend the young clinicians and therapists to be optimistic, energetic and very patient with suicidal clients as they need a lot of our support and working with them might be very stressful. I would encourage them to learn about this problem and to have supervised practice, but they can also learn a lot from their clients. It is also very important to ask for help and personal support when you need it.


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