Triple i 2016 – Miran Pustoslemšek

Lecturer at the conference

Triple i – intuition, imagination and innovation, is an international annual conference organised by the UP IAM Slovene Centre for Suicide Research. Distinguished experts in the field of suicidology are invited to the conference to speak about research, interventions and postvention after suicide. Relaxed environment and concurrent topics create a platform for the participants to connect, which is a starting point for progress in the field.

One of the speakers at the Triple i 2016 is Dr. Miran Pustoslemšek.


Dr. Miran Pustoslemšek is a psychiatrist and cultural anthropologist, working as the head of the Unit for forensic psychiatry in University clinical centre Maribor. He has 20 years of experiences with in-patient treatment and for about 10 years he was leading the department for anxious and depressive disorders. What keeps him motivated is research in the field of traditional culture and postmodernism in relation with mental disorders, including suicidology. His lecture will be on suicidal behaviour in prisons.

Dr. Pustoslemšek’s message to young researchers, professionals, students:

Be enduring and patient.

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