Triple i 2014: Rory O’Connor

Lecturer at the conference

Triple i – intuition, imagination and innovation, is an international annual conference organised by the UP IAM Slovene Centre for Suicide Research. Distinguished experts in the field of suicidology are invited to the conference to speak about research, interventions and postvention after suicide. Relaxed environment and concurrent topics create a platform for the participants to connect, which is a starting point for progress in the field.

One of the speakers at the Triple i 2014 was Prof. Rory O’Connor.


Prof. Rory O’Connor (Professor of Health Psychology at the University of Glasgow, president of International Academy for Suicide Research) is passionate about advancing the understanding of suicidal mind because it enables development of better suicide prevention. His lecture will be on contemporary insights on suicidal mind with primary focus on psychological determinants of suicidal behavior. Clinical implications and prevention opportunities will also be discussed.

Prof. Rory’s message to young researchers, professionals, students:

It is a privilege to work in the field of suicide research. In terms of its complexity, I would say that to understand suicide risk, we have to recognize the multidimensional nature of suicide risk factors (which cover biological, clinical, psychological, social and cultural domains). No single discipline has all the answers and it is only through working with other disciplines will we get close to understanding the factors (i) that lead to the emergence of suicidal thoughts, (ii) that render it more likely that thoughts are translated into suicidal acts and (iii) that will lead to the development of effective interventions to reduce suicide risk.

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